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Lanes Roofing blog photo 12.06.2023

Synthetic Underlayment: The Roofing Upgrade You Didn’t Know You Needed – Brought to You by Lanes Roofing Inc.

Hey there, Elkhart! It’s your favorite roofing crew at Lanes Roofing Inc., back with another roof-related revelation! Today, we’re talking about something that might not be as visible as your beautiful shingles but plays a starring role in keeping your home snug and dry – synthetic underlayment. Let’s dive in and leave the old felt paper in the dust, shall we?

What’s the Big Deal About Synthetic Underlayment?

Think of synthetic underlayment as the smartphone to your old rotary phone – it’s the new, upgraded version of roof protection. This modern marvel may be hidden under your shingles, but its benefits are something you’ll definitely notice.

Why Choose Synthetic Over Traditional Felt?

  1. Strength and Durability
    Remember that time Uncle Bob decided to walk on your roof and nearly had a “Home Alone” moment? Unlike traditional felt, synthetic underlayment won’t tear or let you down (literally). It’s incredibly tough, meaning fewer chances of leaks and a lower likelihood of you finding Uncle Bob in the flower beds.
  2. Water Resistance Superpowers
    Synthetic underlayment is to water what kryptonite is to Superman. It’s highly water-resistant, ensuring that even during Elkhart’s most epic rainstorms, your attic stays as dry as a humorist’s wit.
  3. Lightweight Champion
    This underlayment doesn’t need to hit the gym to stay light. It’s significantly lighter than felt paper, making it easier to handle and install. That means quicker installation times and fewer groans from our team (just kidding, we love what we do).
  4. Safe and Sound
    Not only does synthetic underlayment provide better traction for roofers, but it’s also less slippery than traditional felt. This means a safer installation process, and you won’t have to worry about us reenacting scenes from “Mission Impossible” on your roof.
  5. Longevity Like No Other
    Like a fine wine, synthetic underlayment gets better (or rather, stays better) with age. It’s more resistant to mold and rot, which means it’s a long-term pal for your roof. We’re talking about a marathon runner in a world of sprinters.

Why Lanes Roofing Inc. Loves Synthetic Underlayment

At Lanes Roofing Inc., we’re all about embracing technology that makes your roof smarter, stronger, and more resilient. We recommend synthetic underlayment because we believe your roof deserves the best, not something that feels like it belongs in a history museum.

So Elkhart, ready to give your roof the upgrade it deserves? Give us a call at Lanes Roofing Inc. 574- 207-4655 We promise to bring our top-notch skills, synthetic underlayment, and maybe a corny joke or two!

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